Because we are much more than an employment and international recruitment portal. We are a Company specialized in Human Resources and Bussiness Organization. A new concept of enterprise which combines technology and globality with face-to-face action and the specialization within the local sphere

We are a team whose purpose is to develop the international corporative talent, namely, individual and collective talent. We work with leaders to transform strategy into reality in very a cohesive teams working toward a common goal-oriented, with effective leadership and high performance that makes the difference. We make a difference.

We are more than 200 consultants, trainers, coaches with high levels of expertise and over 20 years of experience. For our team, commitment to customer, quality in everything we do, and passion for results define our attitude. Our commitment as a company is to help organizations work with a focus on high performance approach.

1. Assessment and Diagnostic about Formative Skills and Corporate needs

Customizing Programs and Formative and Training Plans. Our consultants, trainers and coaches integrate and blend into the company to identify innate knowledge key and skills in each and every one of the values of a team. Measure technically personal skills, identify potential and establish what skills are critical for personal development is the result of the implementation of a correctly applied teaching methodology.

2. Career In Company: design and preparation of Corporate Training Online plans, in classroom and blended formats

In our team, we mean by 'customized training' a value proposition. In our team, we mean by 'customized training' a value proposition.

The outsourcing of the functions of your educational or training department is an alternative high added value, while giving you gain significant advantages in costs and qualitative benefits, unifying standars of quality and effectiveness of the actions taken.

In keeping with its mission and strategic plan, We assess needs, train your staff to develop skills and give a quality service to your external and internal customers. The involvement of professionals, specialists in different disciplines and technical rigor, methodological innovation, and access to technical and technological means, let us design for your organization education plans and training plans and transform your handicap form or train a large number of people is our challenge, successfully concluded and measurable by the customer, you.

3. Outdoor and Indoor Programs

Outdoor Training is an alternative to academic education that is highly motivating, practical and pretty fun tool, in which the behaviors of the participants are mainly working.

It is highly recommended to methodology

• Promote teamwork.

• Enhancing cooperation and collaboration.

• Develop motivational strategies to cope with the daily commitments and deal with them positively.

• Encourage communication between staff.

• Develop leadership to a group.

• Increase resistance to stress.

• Promote and develop decision-making.

• Improve the response to any pressure situation at work.

• Increase trust between peers.

What makes us different:

• Rigor

• Originality

• Commitment

• Detailed Report

• Organization

Another common application is the internal selection, promotion and performance assessment, and even part of that assessment center programs. Although it seems that is just a game, as it is the practice of leisure activities, this technique is very effective in work attitudes that can not be transmitted only through traditional training.

Evaluating Outdoor Training program differs from conventional shares offered feedback after the activity, and that being this service to small groups, accompanied by a tutor or specialist consultant, and be able to be recorded by video what provides an individual analysis of the participants and even serves to observe your own reactions and correct your behavior. Training Outdoor activities are always motivating and significantly increase the cohesion in organizations.

4. Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Our goal; motivate, lead, instruct, support and training a person or group of them, in order to achieve some goal or develop specific skills, after careful choice of method, application and type of coaching or programs mentoring, as appropriate to each case.

We focus on the development of:

• Leadership

• Emotional Intelligence

• Time Management

• Communication

• Management motivating high performance teams

• Balance between private and professional life

• Control of stress

• Teamwork and developing highly effective teams

• Development of key management skills


1. Design Career Plans and Programs Individual Development - PDI -

Your organization has on Career Planning an excellent opportunity to motivate and involve your Key Positions, High Risk Positions and High Potentia Position, in the life of the company, building your future career within the company culture.

We design career plans for staff and clients individualized training projects. Our specialists analyze the biographical profile, training, career path, career potential, personality profile, assessment of performance, goals and career aspirations, and assessment of learning of the subject in question. We work with HR managers in the implementation of such plans in your Company

Our Programs and Career Plans focus on the issues that really encourage and support the professional development of teams and leaders. We help people to increase their self-awareness, develop their skills and understand the effect they have on others and their performance. We work with our clients to understand what features are needed to achieve success and compare them with their current performance. We help them focus on key issues and design a plan to improve them. Made the analysis, we designed the Career Plan taking into account personnel management, training, turnover, promotion, coverage of the organization of the post at the scheduled time, for the right person.

Following the analysis , we designed the Career Plan taking into account personnel management , training , rotation , promotion, covering the organization of the post at the scheduled time , for the right person. The allocation to address a system that allows management planned high-potential people , the company guarantee that there will be coverage of management positions and that people have a dynamic Management Development.

Our ability to help people with more talent in your organization is based on our extensive experience and detailed research on the development of people . Undoubtedly, our programs will report significant and sustainable improvements.

Development programs include a range of activities:

• Individual and intensive coaching, focusing on talent development professional.

• Development programs for groups of executives, focusing on the necessary steps to become a good leader abilities.

• Computer programs that explore the characteristics required of an effective organization.

• Programs for the development of corporate cultural change strategies.

Our approach is based on well-documented concepts. We customize the design of this approach in order to delve into the specific problems of each client. Often, the data collected in the programs can be used to analyze different issues to be considered by the organization. All our programs are based on the belief that feedback is the first step to improve professionally.

We aware of the crucial importance of Planning your Career Organization and design of each race within a Global Company Project, harmonizing supply and demand within their short, medium and long term.

2. Counselling for Team Leaders and Managers

We have identified, and increasing frequency and demand from our customers, the need to provide service 'Psychological Support Executives'. Interestingly, most of the executives who demand this support are successful professionals, as you.

Our service is unique:

• Professionals that protect this service are psychologists and Coaches Company. However, this is not a therapy or a support process with a professional approach and within the work context.

• We assume from our experience, which allows us to provide to managers what you really need. Our plan is based on two pillars:

• Staff: We work with you by analyzing, promoting and redirecting the first on your personal side and then in his professional side within the organization where occupies a key position.

• Company: We identify what people are key to your organization to 'drive him' and we will not support you when find ourselves beside you, and guide them and help you to manage.

3. Psychometric Assessments in the organizational field

Among our services, we provide outsourcing of psychometric assessments, individual and for groups or large groups.

Administration of psychometric assessments, is managed by a team of highly qualified psychologists in the pass battery of tests, the objective was to cross the subjects under evaluation, able to identify strengths and very difficult weaknesses effectively detect with other methods.

Instruments or psychological tests are essential in obtaining data beyond what the candidate transmitted through conscious speech at the job interview, and can get information about the personality and infer their usual way of acting against various situations, and conclude whether the person has the necessary skills perform in a certain position.

Apply psychometric techniques consisting of a standardized measurement linked to the candidate thinking style, personality, skills, intellectual ability, emotional intelligence, ability to cope in situations of ongoing or situational stress and its ability to solve various types of situations areas.

In short, the use of these tools and evaluation systems are crucial for minimize risks in the process of assessing and predicting both individual and group behavior. Reduce likely to invest time and money on someone who does not fit the profile, skills or personality factors.


Needs Assessment and Training In Company Individual development
  1. Assessment and Diagnostic about Formative Skills and Corporate needs.
  2. Career In Company: design and preparation of Corporate Training Online plans, in classroom and blended formats.
  3. Outdoor and Indoor Programs.
  4. Coaching and Mentoring Programs.
  1. Design of Career Planning and Development Programs Individual -PDI-.
  2. Counselling for Team Leaders and Managers.
  3. Psychometric Assessments in the organizational field.
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