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Who we are?

We are a team of professionals coming from different areas with different skills, and international experiences. We work as a team with a single goal, with a common goal and with absolute commitment on making our candidates to get a job so companies can use this technology platform to meet their corporate objectives.
We have developed an advanced technology job platform, personal marketing management and staff redeployment. We are a marketing instrument that provides advanced tools to candidates, companies and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

Who we are not?

CVs' warehouse, where candidates can't do anything about their future.
Web advertising.
CVs' selling trade

What is our aim?

The fundamental objective is an employment portal or development of search strategies and location of: jobs, personal marketing, outplacement processes, and the development of self-employment or entrepreneurship. In this processes are also involved the following agents: people, businesses, investors, training and other organizations. It operates as a professional community or professional social network that integrates candidates, investors, businesses, self-employed and entrepreneurs, trainers, consultants and providers of products and services. We are born with a social objective, with a genuine commitment and based on the cause, because for us, it is not enough to declare out good intentions, nor speak wise words, our commitment is that we follow up our aim with actions and results.

What is our mission?

Find and identify opportunities for our clients anywhere in the world.
Make available to all our customers the tools and the most advanced means to achieve their goals: technology, marketing and strategy.
integrate our global action with local resources.

What is our long-term vision and means?

To become the reference platform linked to job development processes and the development of entrepreneurial initiatives.
Be the reference platform resource, tools and utilities for the recruitment, selection, human capital development and job creation.

Our values

> INNOVATION as permanent and collective attitude.
> PASSION in everything we do and how we do it.
> ILLUSION to achieve our goals, our challenges, to enjoy a well done job.
> TEAMWORK, where you can count on everyone.
> RESPECT to internal and external dealing with and within our organization.
> DETERMINATION in everything we do and positive attitude
> EQUALITY like premise of justice.
> TRANSPARENCY in all what we do and how we do it.
> COMMITMENT to the project, the objectives, the team and our clients.
> CONSTANCY to meet the challenges that are sometimes impossible, and further progress without surrender.
> CONFIDENCE in the talent, well done work and team.
> RESPONSIBILITY for everything we do and how we do it.

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