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The particular conditions at a professional level and the probability of being accepted to a position are conditional on different factors. The first of these are external factors; such as the labor market, the socio-economic conditions and the level of ability of candidates. On the other side, the level of the professional is important; the ability and experience to identify potential positions, and without doubt the capacity to sell out own personal proposal as a proposal of higher value than the other candidates before a business or organization.

From linkmyjob, we are going to generate the most favourable conditions for our clients. That is to say, our clients will optimize their employability and develop the conditions of maximum efficiency in achieving their objective: to get a job.

In the area of labour counseling, you will find a conceptual development of the factors that increase employability, how they influence the professional development and the probability of success, what competencies are most valued by businesses, and what training schedules or personal training will deliver the best results.

Our thorough approaches are far from traditional in how they create the personal strategies and the focus on the process of identifying positions based on the individual profile, as well as offering technological support, allowing the individual and the company to optimize the meeting and interview processes.

Strategy, fixed personal objectives, proactivity, global visión, development of individual competencies and selling yourself, result in a method very different to those which are no longer effective. The global reach, speed, economic situation and the technological infrastructure and global communications, point towards a change in attitude and approach to the method of finding work.

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